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About Women in Tech - March 2021


Luisa Gonzalez

March 16th 2021

technology - Women's Month

Do you know that the percentage of women in the technology industry decreased instead of increased compared to the 1980s?

When I was 14 years old, I wanted to study any profession different from a career related to technology or engineering. I did not grow up with women in stem role models nor women engineers in my family. My dad was the engineer and the one that was good at math in my house. I never thought that I would end up studying Multimedia Engineering or even that I would be pursuing a master's degree in information technology and management some years after. Now that I am on this career path, I believe that it is important for women, and even more for girls to see women in stem that can motivate them to learn science and technology.

These days everything is about technology. I read in a book that every company is a technology company, but each company offers different services. For example, a bank is a technology company that provides financial services or online stores might be a technology company that sells goods and products. It can't be more realistic. Being in technology nowadays not only allows you to get a good job position or even be up-to-date with the latest in the world, but it lets you be part of any industry you want to fit in.

If you are part of the tech industry and you are a woman, it would be great that you share all your experiences. Tell your story about being in a stem career and inspire other girls to follow a similar path. Encourage women to be part of the industry that is creating a big difference in the world. Together we can help to increase the percentage of us in technology positions and stem careers. We can fire that little spark on women and motivate them to improve their skills and pursue their dreams to be the hero they want to be.

Together we can inspire other women to become part of the technology industry!

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