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Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors


Luisa Gonzalez

March 30th 2021

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program

Last August of 2020, I became a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador! This program gives you an amazing opportunity to connect with other students around the world. In my case, I could connect with many folks from Latin America. Thanks to another ambassador, I could join the AI Gaming LATAM and help the team in some organizational tasks. More than 1800 students signed up for the event, and around 300 completed the game. This event happened in October 2020.

In the week of the event, multiple student ambassadors hosted workshops to help students prepare for the event or learn new tech skills. In my case, I hosted an Introduction to GitHub workshop where I taught the basic commands to create a repository and to make commits on it. Also, I did a walk-through in the same process but using the online interface on github.com

From that first event, it's been such a growing experience for me. Plan and host events, create community, share my knowledge with other students, and share the program and invite other students to join. On this last note, I've started sharing my experience with some fellow students from my university back in Colombia. (As I mentioned in my article From Cali to Texas, I did my undergraduate degree in Cali, Colombia, and I had the opportunity to come to Texas for one year to complete an internship)

Webinar at the Universidad de San Buenaventura Cali

I want to give back to my people and friends in Colombia and encourage students that currently follow the path I did some years ago to grow their skills.

If you are reading this and want to become part of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program, do not doubt to ask any question you may have! I will be more than happy to share my experience or some tips with you!